Welcome to Teerenpeli!

Teerenpeli is a family owned restaurant in the middle of Lahti city center and we have one of the Finland´s oldest craft breweries. We have wide selection of beers and ciders from our own brewery. We serve delicious pub food and our kitchen is open till closing time, so you can also eat at night! In TeerenDeli list you can find snacks, salads and famous giant toast Sulami. During the ski games we also serve lunch, which includes Sulami giant toast and salad for price of 8€

tel: 0424 925 220,
Open hours during championchip games feb. 20nd - mar. 5th at times 11am - 03pm

Lahti Race

We are one of the Lahti Race spots and by playing the game you can have Teerenpeli Tasting for price of 15€, tasting includes 4 products.




DURING CHAMPIONCHIP GAMES (mon feb.20nd - sun mar.5th) at times 11am-15pm

Lunch, including Sulami - giant toast and salad 8€

Beers and ciders from our own brewery

Onnenpekka - light lager 4,5%
Luomuleevi - organic light lager 4,5%
Laiskajaakko - organic dark lager 4,5%
Vauhtiveikko - wheat beer 5,3%
Notkeanipa - IPA 6,6%
Jöröjukka - bock 6,5%
Hippaheikki - ESB 4,7%
Ginger Beer 2,8%
Kaamoskalle - red ale 4,5%
Pakkaspaavo - dark winter ale 6,6%
LaPa - Lahti Pale Ale 5,7%
Hiihtoniilo - dark smoky ale 5,5%
Suomi100 - smoky lager 5,0%

Lempi Apple cider 4,7%
Lempi Lingonberry cider 4,5%
Lempi Blueberry cider 4,5%

Distillery Products

We have own craft distillery in Lahti and wide selection of products. Ask more for staff!

After Ski and winter terrace

We have DJ music and live music during the week, very nice local people, great staff and the best after ski! Welcome to enjoy!